Selfies  is  my  fisrt  graphic  project.  This  work  is  deeply  influenced  by the optical artist Victor Vasarely, and the French artist Yves Klein with his deep blue hue. The key-idea of the project was to interpretate the Selfies all one day long. I  used  differents techniques like acrylic, gold foil, tint string, tint lichens, and Posca.

  1.  Selfie at 6:00 am. Acrylic and gold foil. 116 x 89 cm.
  2.  Selfie at 10:00 am. Acrylic, gold foil and tint lichens. 116 x 89 cm.
  3.  Selfie at 1:00 pm. Acrylic and gold foil. 116 x 89 cm.
  4.  Selfie at 4:00 pm. Acrylic and gold foil. 116 x 89 cm.
  5.  Selfie at 11:00 pm. Acrylic, gold foil, and tint string. 116 x 89 cm.


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